Redefining Public Services With Advanced Drupal Solutions

Drupal is the trusted choice of over 150 governments worldwide, offering secure, efficient, and uninterrupted public services. With its unique ability to manage multiple domains through a single CMS, Drupal ensures consistent user experiences across government departments.

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All-Rounded Accessibility for Everyone

Did you know that more than 76% of people prefer online interactions with governments? This makes it crucial to provide unrestricted public services.  Drupal offers a solution that enables public offices and government agencies to embrace complete accessibility for every citizen. By adhering to WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards, Drupal ensures that individuals of all capacities can enjoy a seamless user experience across various touchpoints and devices.

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Scalable Solutions

Drupal empowers governments to manage efficiently and moderate content centrally while allowing individual departments to create and maintain their content, ensuring a harmonious and flexible digital environment. This scalability is crucial for accommodating the diverse needs of government agencies while maintaining a cohesive online presence.

    Intranet Platforms

    Establishing a robust digital hub within your government organization is paramount. Drupal serves as the backbone of this hub, providing a valuable resource for public officials and staff. It facilitates the seamless sharing of knowledge, expertise, and policies, enhancing collaboration and information exchange within the government.

      Comprehensive Academic Referencing

      Given the diverse demographics within university student bodies, Drupal excels in tailoring user experiences to perfection across all devices. Whether accessing campus resources on a smartphone or exploring academic content via a desktop, Drupal ensures seamless interaction and engagement for every individual.

        Automated Service

        To transition into a truly digital government, embracing automation is key. Drupal enables the automation of various processes, from citizen services to administrative tasks, enhancing efficiency and responsiveness at both national and local levels. This automation fosters a more streamlined and citizen-centric government.

          Uncompromising Security

          Governments worldwide trust Drupal because of its world-class approach to handling security concerns. Drupal's commitment to robust security measures ensures data integrity and citizen trust.In an era of increasing cybersecurity threats, Drupal provides the peace of mind that government systems and citizen data are well protected.

            Gov Ecosystem

            Embracing a digital-by-default strategy is the way forward for governments. Drupal plays a pivotal role in building a comprehensive government ecosystem by facilitating seamless integrations and leveraging cutting-edge technologies. This cohesive ecosystem enhances government services, accessibility, and transparency.

              Satisfied Citizens

              Drupal-powered government platforms excel in performance, surpassing other CMS options. The result is faster, more efficient services that translate to happier citizens. This improved service delivery reinforces government-citizen relationships and trust, fostering a sense of satisfaction among citizens and promoting civic engagement.

                Enhanced Efficiency. Reduced Bureaucracy.

                Transform your Government Industry Software Solutions with Drupal, experiencing a streamlined administrative structure and enhanced communication across your public service network. Utilize Drupal to establish multiple domains and websites for each public office and agency, all seamlessly sharing a single, secure database.

                As of 2021, approximately 56% of global government websites relied on Drupal. Notably, countries like Australia, Estonia, France, Germany, India, and South Africa hosted their central government portals using Drupal.


                Move to Sustainable eGovernment Solutions

                Choose Drupal as your long-term partner for Government Industry Solutions, favored by governments worldwide. The open-source community consistently supports and enhances Drupal's modules and features, benefiting public service experiences. Say goodbye to the need for rebuilding and redevelopment every time a new technology disrupts the market.

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