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Why Outsource Technical Support Services To Us?

IT outsourcing refers to the process for outsourcing IT activities to a business located anywhere on the globe. Due to the lower price and availability of highly skilled sources, India has been the most suitable alternative to outsource. With our cutting-edge development services LN Webworks have become an industry-leading IT Outsourcing company that provides companies with the ability to stay ahead of the evolving trends of the contemporary world.

Alongside cost-effective alternatives, Our outsourcing services offer advantages, including new technology that is tailored to your particular business needs and a vast pool of skilled resources 
Like access of Certified IT Professionals including Skilled Dedicated Developers, UI/UX Designers, Business Analyst, Scrum Masters & Project Managers.

  • Your IT Outsourcing Partner
  • Center for all tech resources
  • Easy two-way communication
  • Hire Full-stack Developers
  • Quick and easy boarding process

The Benefits of Outsourcing To LN Webworks

Best-in-class talent, competitive costs, incredible infrastructure


Save Cost and Time

Reduce your development cost without compromising on time and profitability.


Scale Up and Go To Market Quickly

Scale up your team, get extended support, exceptional processes, and go to market quickly.


Own Your Team Anytime, Anywhere

Start with a small team or large one, own it, train it, anytime and anywhere.


Competence on A Global Scale

Today’s highly dynamic global industry, offshore outsourcing may help enterprises keep it afloat.


Territorial Knowledge

Enhanced Territorial knowledge with routine communication and nation's leading market trends.


Access To Skilled Resources

Hire resources from the pool of highly skilled resources Without investing in recruiting and training expensive resources.

What Our Clients Say About Working With Us

The LN Webworks was a pleasure to work with. Their UI/UX skills and recommendations were great for our UN Policy public website and they delivered a prototype that we are planning to implement to the public.
Team was responsive and proactive as well as flexible in adapting the prototype to our needs. We are thankful for their services and look forward to working with them in the future.

LN Webworks’s expert development team exceeded our expectations with their exceptional services. They were responsive and patient, answering all of our questions and making sure we were completely satisfied with every aspect of our website. They worked tirelessly to ensure that our site was not only visually stunning but also user-friendly and optimized for search engines. We highly recommend LN Webworks’s services. Their team has been instrumental in helping us achieve our business goals and has provided us with valuable insights into the latest trends in web design

Our Partners

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How Offshoring Works?

You are 3 steps away from establishing a team in India




We understand the skill requirements for your product and can efficiently arrange a team for you from our 100+ in-house engineers. With LN Webworks, you can quickly launch and scale your product team.

LN Webworks always endeavors to give holistic services to its clients and doesn’t skimp on any kind of support to bring the product to market and make the solution a success thus, we guarantee reliability, authenticity, and transparency to whomever we work with.



WE RUN FULL-SERVICE OPERATIONS You can concentrate on your product and business while we handle IT operations. We provide office facilities, recruitment, scaling, IT infrastructure, HR self-service, compliance, insurance, payroll, etc. Right from the project demands and the kind of interfaces, it would need, must be stated clearly in a document. The clearer your demands, the better will be the outcomes. Thus, to avoid any confusion, every possible demand must be elaborated in order to create the design of the software futuristic and robust.




When you are ready to establish a local entity, we transfer an entire team to you at a fixed cost. You never lose sight of your team or product knowledge. We also assist you in registering your company, locating an office, and establishing processes.

Apart from that, We enable time-to-time checks for the latest functionalities that can be added to make the product more robust and smooth. Thus, our client can rely on us for not only the technical support until product deployment but even beyond that. They get the ownership of the team and can explore every aspect to squeeze out the best results from our end.

Our digital consulting process gets to the heart of your business, your customers, your challenges and ambitions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

India is the most demanded IT outsourcing company as per the recent survey. Outsourcing from India has benefits like India can help you achieve more in less and can give access to a skilled workforce. Apart from the personnel costs, businesses can save a lot on office space and IT infrastructure by outsourcing to India.

The low cost and the accessibility of skilled workers makes India one of the top desirable outsourcing hub. India continues to be the most sought-after destination for businesses looking to outsource their back office and IT tasks, despite the opposition against outsourcing to India.

Our ability to communicate with international clients, quality of work, quick availability of specialists (even overnight), project management skills , flexible and technical support for all our specialists, thanks to our technical experts who perform consultative and mentoring functions . We always deliver promptly. We value our clients and above that their time.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from all over the world are looking for production of quality web & mobile applications, software development and management software. Contact us to get a free consultation on personalized custom requirements for all of your technological needs!

Founded in India, LN Webworks is a rapidly growing Web and Mobile app development company operating from Ludhiana, Punjab. Premier "market focused" IT Services, serving business and technology enterprises. Clients range from technology companies to medium and small enterprises. 20 active clients served; 98% repeat client's year over year.

In case you feel disappointed with the performance of any developer, you will get an immediate resource replacement at no extra cost. We will provide a replacement within a week's time from the existing resource pool. In case you want to hire a new developer, we will fill-in the occupancy at the earliest, within 15 to 45 days.

The standard procedure of interviewing developers before hiring is as follows:

We determine the best internal resources depending on the client's project and resource requirements.
We send the client the CVs of several resources for their approval. If the customer rejects the CVs, we will provide more depending on their response.
Upon receiving the customer's permission, we perform online exams and video interviews with the client - there may be many rounds, depending on the client's desired vetting process. If the resources do not meet the requirements, we will share new CVs with the customer and, with their permission, have the new developers complete the online exams and video interviews again.

Our resources at Your Team In India are very proficient in English. As a customer, you will not have any difficulties in terms of language because all project communication will be conducted in English alone. Along with that, all of your employees who we hire for you will be fluent English speakers and writers.

We at LN Webworks are committed to providing high-quality services. Thus we only recruit the most refined individuals. All of our workers have a minimum of 2 to 5 years of experience.We recruit qualified and certified programmers who have attended unique and appropriate training for services that need a certain skill or experience in software.

We'll conduct a thorough study of your project before sending you a list of skilled individuals whose skill sets are the best fit for your needs. The alternatives can then be narrowed down. We will begin working once you have approved the candidates.

We will not include any third-party management layer between you and your team. You will have direct access to your offshore developers . Additionally, we will provide a tech manager that will also act as a single point of contact during the development cycle.

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