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Do I Need A Drupal Website Audit?

Website audits are highly recommended to ensure your website is up-to-date and functioning well. Our experts at LN Webworks, conduct a thorough review of your website that is based on an overall compliance with Drupal’s best practices. We’ll examine the configuration of your server, Drupal configuration, Drupal theming, code and security assessments, performance of your site along with SEO optimization. 


LN Webworks’s Drupal Audit is performed considering various situations and testing tools. We use JMeter, New Relic, YSlow, PageSpeed to test performance. For security testing we use OWASP Zap, Nikto and various Drupal modules. Since each Drupal site is unique, we provide site audit services that are personalized and designed to satisfy your website's needs as a business.


What's Covered in Our Drupal Website Audit?


Conversion Audit

Conversion Audit identifies the technical and/or usability-related problems that may be hindering your website’s conversion rate.

It focuses on analyzing the end to end customer experience while also digging deeper into a website’s analytics and reporting. It makes websites Perform faster, cutting down the waiting time leads to fewer frustrated customers and more sales. A genuine conversion audit is well worth the time and investment.



At LN Webworks, we follow a clinical approach for performance audits. We test your website on various parameters to identify the areas needing attention. We dig deep and evaluate your website on multiple vital performance and SEO elements. We check how fast your website loads, or simply, how fast your online business gets to work! In addition to many page speed metrics, you’ll see three important factors: Overall Loading Time, Time to First Byte, and First Contentful Paint.


Design Audit

The Drupal experts will review the speed and responsiveness of your site and document the root of any issues discovered. Our web design audit includes all major areas that influence user experience. These are Design, Branding, Usability, Mobile-friendly Layout, and Media Usage.

With design Audit you will get the full list of your website design issues that influence users’ perception and navigation through your website. Moreover, we’ll write a comprehensive list of recommendations on how to solve the problems.


SEO Audit

We will examine the SEO elements on the webpage, or the webpage code, itself. It includes content, headlines and headers etc. Our SEO Analysis doesn’t just point out errors, but we give you step by step instructions on how you can fix each of them.We’ll then suggest changes of relevant elements so that they align with search engine guidelines. Identifying and correcting these on-page factors can have a significant, immediate, and positive impact on your rankings.


Migration/Upgrade Audit

We will examine the structure of your website to identify problems regarding taxonomy. Our detailed analysis helps website owners and developers understand the details of an individual website's setup in order to plan for an upgrade/migration.

Also, migration/update to the latest version or trending technology can nurture your website with countless benefits such as enhanced speed, security, and the mobile-first approach.



We check your website for vulnerabilities and ensure that security updates have been installed and are running properly. Our Experts provide various security audit processes like vulnerability and risk assessments, penetration tests, and compliance audits to organizations. Our experts can advise and implement the best security measures related to protective software, password policy, regular backups, encryption, two-factor authentication, access rights review, and so on.

Website Audit Process At LN Webworks

Initial Consultation

We initiate the audit procedure by scheduling an initial meeting with your team. During this session, we will discuss the goals you have set and gather data regarding your current website.

Comprehensive Audit

Next, we conduct a thorough audit of your site at every level. Our comprehensive audit includes a detailed examination of website architecture, best drupal practices, content relevance, user experience, SEO performance, and security measures.


When we audit your website, our experts will record their findings and offer suggestions. A detailed documentation process helps in providing clarity on identified issues and potential improvements.

Review of Audit

Once the audit is complete, we will set up an appointment with your team again to review all the areas addressed in the audit report on the website. This interactive session allows for a deeper understanding of the audit results and provides an opportunity for any questions or clarifications.


After receiving the audit report, we'll collaborate with you to establish an action plan for any changes required on your site.  Our goal is to work closely with your team to implement strategic recommendations that enhance your website's overall performance and effectiveness.


Advantages of LN Webworks Site Audit

A proper site audit will tell you what’s working on your current website, what’s falling short and how you can improve your site for the opportunity to rank. A website audit must become the priority once you've invested in building your entire website and the content.


Improved visibility in search results

Meta data refers to content found within the HTML of your website. Search engines analyze your website’s metadata to determine an appropriate match and ranking in relevant search results. Errors in your meta data could be keeping search engines from indexing your content, and appearing prominently in search results.


Discover potential sources of revenue

Websites utilizing the same keywords as you could be potential affiliates or influencers you could partner with. Bloggers who have linked to your content frequently, sites that have proven rich in leads, can all be discovered by examining citations of your business online. A website audit can uncover these and other lucrative opportunities for raising your brand’s profile.


Identify and repair onsite/offsite issues diverting traffic

Broken backlinks, spam, unfriendly URLs and hidden content on your website are a few of the factors that could be unwittingly driving traffic away. A website audit can uncover and repair these issues before they spiral out of control.


Improved User Experience

Poor load times, unresponsive pages, flash, and interstitial content can drive potential customers away in a hurry.Seizing the first position in search results will only happen if your website provides a consistently high quality experience across all platforms – smartphone, tablets, and laptops. A site audit will help you identify ways to improve the overall functionality of your website so visitors actually want to stay.


Optimize content for higher online engagement

A website audit can also help you capitalize on your strongest content by optimizing titles, headers, tags, images, and other multimedia. By analyzing your pages (layout, design, tone) you can repurpose underperforming pages for better online engagement in social networks as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Drupal audit of your website is intended to measure the health of your website. You should monitor the site's security, performance and updates. A thorough audit will review every major aspect of the site, figuring the issues with performance, and security threats, complete an audit of the source code, and check the configuration, and the modules.

Drupal Site Audit is essential since it uncovers the vast majority areas of interest during an audit. The complete report can save a good amount of time compared to manually going through the screens in your Drupal admin UI.

To summarize the benefits of a website audit: It will evaluate the performance of your website and enhance your search engine optimization and increase efficiency of conversion.

We specialize in Drupal. We are experienced not just with Drupal Website audits as well as in the creation of websites, esp. extensive ones. We are familiar with the Drupal inside & out.

At LN Webworks, we have specialists who do not just focus on Website audits, but also keep track of the most current developments and algorithmic changes to ensure that our efforts are as efficient as we can.