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A website is an indispensable need for every business in this era of the internet. Drupal offers many advanced features and functional advantages that enable you to create simple as well as complex business websites. It is a robust and future-proof CMS that is flexible, scalable, and secure.

But if a Drupal website is not maintained and updated regularly, its performance decreases and harms the business growth. Just like a car needs regular service to keep it in top-notch condition, your website needs to be analyzed and maintained regularly for enhanced user experience.

A Drupal website audit helps you do the same. It is a process to examine your site’s overall health by studying its functionality, smoothness, security, visibility, and user experience.

A thorough audit helps you identify and eliminate errors that can lead to significant damage if ignored.

The process involves studying various parameters, including website speed, responsiveness, user interface, image optimization, security measures, SEO, etc.

Types of Drupal Website Audits

Here are four common types of Drupal site audits:

Technical Audit

This examines all the technical practices that must be aligned according to the search engine’s requirements for optimum performance. Some examples are broken internal links, content duplication, inappropriate XML sitemap, etc.

Content Audit

This helps you analyze the voice tone and messages in your website content to determine whether they represent your business in an intended way and increase conversions. You can also identify which content is driving conversions and what could be improved.

SEO Audit

This is an essential type of Drupal site audit that helps you supervise how well it is optimized for search engines. It deals with keywords, metadata, images and video optimizations, internal and external links, page speed, site responsiveness, etc.

Design Audit

Your Drupal website’s design is crucial in determining the user experience. A design audit helps you examine the effectiveness of the site’s designs, colors, and content structure. These factors must be visually appealing and drive conversion rates.

Benefits of Drupal Website Audit

Now you know what Drupal site audit is and what its types are.

But how exactly does it help you?

Is it necessary, or can you skip this process?

Well, a Drupal website audit is essential because it gives you an in-depth performance analysis of your site and lets you know whether it is performing smoothly and is up to date. Here we have listed some detailed benefits of Drupal website audit:

1. Discover Factors Harming Your Website

There are various factors that affect the performance and user experience of a site. The most common examples are broken backlinks, unoptimized images, redundant codes, inappropriate designs and page structures, etc. These technical errors can cause significant damage if left untouched.

A Drupal website audit is the best way to identify and troubleshoot these errors before they severely impact your website’s health. In addition, it helps you discover whether your site is up to date with the latest plugins and security patches.

2. Better Search Engine Optimization

A Drupal website audit plays a crucial role in helping you optimize your site for search engines so that it ranks well and receives increased traffic. We all know Google is the search engine that drives maximum traffic to our website. The problem here is Google keeps changing its algorithms and metrics, which significantly affect your website performance.

Hence, you must keep your website updated according to Google’s latest algorithms. A website audit lets you know how well your website aligns with the latest Google algorithms and SEO standards. It suggests what needs to be fixed and improved for better ranking and increased organic traffic.

3. Superior Content Quality

Content is an essential factor for your website that engages your customers and affects the conversion rates. Drupal provides freedom in content structuring, but you need to ensure your content is optimized for engagement.

A proper audit helps you identify how well your content performs and what could be improved for better engagement. It helps spot gaps and enables you to deliver perfect content for your users, increasing your brand authority and trust.

Drupal site audit services also inform you about the clarity of content and the effectiveness of the content structure.

4. High Conversion Rates

Every business wants a smooth website that has increased conversion rates and profitability. Drupal website audit helps you study the gaps in your website that harm user experience and conversion rates.

Factors like page speed, mobile responsiveness, user interface, etc., are some essential factors that determine how well a user engages with your website and buys your product or services.

Regular audits help you identify the pain points that need to be fixed for better performance, improve the Drupal website and increase its ROI.

We are Offering Free Drupal Website Audit Service

A comprehensive audit scans your website from top to bottom and lets you know how well it performs. Depending on your website size, you must audit your site once in six months or a year. Conducting a thorough and regular audit can be difficult. Hence, we offer a free Drupal website audit service guiding you towards digital success.

We will perform a Drupal site audit and let you know whether your website is entirely up to date with the upgraded plugins and security patches. Our free audit report will help you gain insights into your competitors.

Whether performance, SEO, user experience, or security, we will discover errors harming your website and holding it back. In addition, our audit report will help you identify improvements and changes to be made for optimum performance.

Wrapping Up

We at LN Webworks help businesses, agencies, and enterprises by delivering robust and functional digital products. We are a leading Drupal web development company known for its personalized approach, first-in-class services, and leadership in Drupal innovation.

Our skilled team has years of experience building powerful Drupal websites for companies worldwide.

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