The Future Of Women At Work: Transitions in The Age Automation.

The work at work centenary initiative aims to better understand, and to address, why progress on delivering on decent work for women has been slow and what to be done towards securing a better future for woment at work.

Our Ideology

We believe in gender diversity and equal opportunity for women. We fully understand the unique journey women go through throughout their careers and have developed a community of experts and a set of tools to empower women at work to succeed! Over the years, the company has quickly built a reputation for providing opportunities that promote flexibility and returnships for women who are ready to shed their favourite suits and reconnect with their professional selves.

What We Believe in!

Sharing equal opportunities

We must say that a woman is an extreme multitasker. The manner in which she figures out how to shuffle among work and life is something to be worth appreciated. When it comes to education, women have never failed to close the gender gap. Essentially, on the work front, they are the genuine legends. Yet, these legends additionally need a break; the reason could be anything, from marriage to starting a family and raising the child. Through this timeframe, we support the career success of women returning to work and connect them with remote work opportunities. These women are highly motivated and provide a high retention rate. From sales, programming, human resource and customer service, we make additional opportunities for ladies at all phases of their profession.


Create and maintain inclusive culture- everyday

Women still encounter non-inclusive behaviours in the workplace, even while the majority of work has been conducted remotely. The gender equality leaders demonstrate the benefits of an inclusive “everyday” culture, a culture where it is clear that non-inclusive behaviours are not acceptable and where anyone who experiences such behaviours feels able to speak out without concern. This requires engagement from the very top of the organization, with leaders walking the talk.


Work-Life Balance

Lack of work-life balance is the top reason women give for considering leaving any organization, and they cite “providing flexible working options that do not hinder my career progression” as one of the top three most important ways that organizations can support retention of women. We, at LN Webworks, understand and give priority to the personal life of an employee as well. We ensure flexible working hours, work remotely facilities to everyone in the organization.


Development Opportunities

We believe in providing better learning and development opportunities equally to female employees as well in the organization. Providing better learning opportunities, more interesting projects, and/or stretch assignments is something we strived to provide and to support women’s development and ensure they stay.


Support for Life Outside Work

During the pandemic and before the pandemic as well, we strive to provide the best support to the women employees and to others as well. Whether it is monetary support, moral support or personal counselling or growth related support. We strive to provide the needed support to all.


Acknowledge Women Success

Celebrate women’s successes in a way that makes sense to them, not to you. And we love to celebrate the achievements of our people at every step by recognising them in the best way possible.


How It Helps To Women & Society?

Women, who make up half of the world’s population, are one of the key elements for social progress and development. So, when companies give women at work greater opportunities to participate in the economy, the benefits extend far beyond individual girls and women but also to societies and economies.

We believe women must be given an equal opportunity, because we can accelerate growth and progress by working together.

1. Women play a dual role- one in the official culture and the other in their domestic chores and being also wives and mothers, they prove their efforts and contribute to economic development of the society.

2. The working passionate women, stepping to reach the cloud nine in business can prove that they have the potential to stand out unique in crowd and can set an example for the society.

3. Women basically promote economic growth as well. No Doubt, they go beyond social responsibility and can have a positive impact on the economy.

4. Women exhibit strong financial performance, along with the growth. Despite less access to capital, women have proved to have higher levels of financial performance. It has also been proven time and again that women form a “low risk and high return” category.

5. Women promote progress! Women are known to promote progress not only economically, but also socially. They can contribute in preventing another global recession. By integrating women into both workplaces and marketplaces, it is known that the world can grow.


Ready To Take The Next Step?

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