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The decentralized blockchain technology allows you to record distributed ledgers and reduce the need for records of every single ledger.



It is cost-effective and reduces the cost of transactions or other financial costs to enhance the profit.



Give permission to share informational data in the blockchain network to access a variety of privileges.


Data Backup

Records the transactions permanently admin doesn’t allow to delete any transaction.

How We Work

Kick off development by defining all system requirements, making initial technology decisions, and capturing user roles and personas.


Determine your product's initial look and feel, model the user experience and user journey, prioritize features, and plan for the release.

Move forward with detailed, development-ready specs, time and cost estimates, a launch plan, and a team of Blockchain experts ready to execute your plan.

Throughout the product development phase, track quality assurance, DevOps, and deployment updates using the project management tool you prefer.


Services We Offer

We have a team of blockchain experts who build a variety of applications with smart contract technology networks.


Smart Contract Development

We develop Smart Contract choose the currency & follow the plans accordingly.


Exchange Development

Bulid The Faster-growing cryptocurrency exchange and get safe and secure customized white label solutions at an affordable rate.


Token Development

LN Blockchain provides end-to-end token development services- ranging from ERC20 token development to NFT development.


Coin Development

Bulid The Faster-growing cryptocurrency exchange and get safe and secure customized white label solutions at an affordable rate.



Get expert advice to identify the needs of making a profit to get your product to higher levels in the market.



Bulid The Faster-growing cryptocurrency exchange and get safe and secure customized white label solutions at an affordable rate.

Blockchain App Development – Technology Stack


CSS3 Development allows you to extend the CSS vocabulary and performance by utilizing the tags and attributes. The option of reusing the code is a perfect solution to avoid writing lengthy codes.
CSS3 offers designers special processes that allow them to design, change individual components, and enhance browser compatibility in a very easy manner.


PHP is extensively used to create dynamic and interactive web pages and it significantly speeds up the wireframing stage due to the lesser amount of interdependencies while retaining the same functionality and productivity levels.
PHP is the best programming language for experts to provide cutting-edge open source development solutions.


Laravel is an extremely popular option because it offers enormous features like Instant PHP Platforms with expressive, elegant syntax that actually make the web development process simpler, expressive, and faster.
Laravel is a server-side PHP framework that is used to simplify the development process with powerful, clean, and reusable code.


Bootstrap has become one of the most popular front-end frameworks and open source projects in the world. Bootstrap provides a collection of syntax for template designs.
As a framework, Bootstrap includes the basics for responsive Solutions, so developers only need to insert the code into a predefined grid system.


Solidity is a statically-typed curly-braces programming language designed for developing smart contracts that run on Ethereum.
Solidity was created for solving the problems of smart contract developers with simple and modular semantics and syntax. The language supports different programming styles, including object-oriented design and functional programming.

Mongo DB

This programming language is one of the most valuable technologies for blockchain development. It provides enterprise-grade security. It has graph chain capabilities with $graphLookup to help efficiently query the blockchain.
MongoDB database enables the developers to use the data to build modern applications quickly, adapt to change, provide flexibility, and scalability to the applications.

Node JS

Node Js development is a robust and flexible technology that assists developers to create high-performing applications. Quick content execution and easy server access are the appealing features of using Node Js development services. Node Js is a lightweight, fast framework, and it provides highly productive results.

React JS

ReactJS – an excellent framework for the development of the web user interfaces and React Native – to create the cross-platform application for iOs as well as Android.
ReactJS is a flexible, efficient, and declarative JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It lets you create complex UIs from small and isolated pieces of code called “components”.


Blockchain a public ledger or a distributed database of all bitcoin transactions. It is an open-source technology, information is immutable and anyone can access the details at any time. As Blockchain is a distributed ledger, there will be no control or central authority of records stored.

By eliminating the middleman, Blockchain permits the secure sharing of business processes like business activities, records and contracts between firms and partners in an encrypted manner. Blockchain Uses cryptography principle to store the data which are impossible to hack, duplicate and misuse. The Transactions will be done on multiple computers in a chain, hence the records are very difficult to alter.

Of course, it is possible. Even Though the public blockchain is open source, we can’t use it to store private records of a business or organization. So, we can leverage the open-source characteristics of the blockchain to build a private blockchain, and after the customization, A business can utilize it to store confidential business data.

1. Public Blockchain - It is a decentralized Open Source platform where anyone who has the internet connection can become a part of the blockchain network and can access current and past records and verify transactions. The purpose of a public blockchain is for mining and cryptocurrency exchanging. Example: Bitcoin, Ethereum 2. Private Blockchain - It is a centralized platform with some restrictions and permissions to join the network. These Blockchains are usually used within an enterprise and organization. The purpose of private Blockchain is voting, supply chain management, digital identity, asset ownership, etc. Example: Hyperledger, Corda 3. Hybrid Blockchain - It is a combination of both public and private blockchain. This Hybrid Blockchain gives businesses the flexibility to choose what data they want to make public and what data to keep private

Somewhat a challenging question to answer. The Cost to Setup a Private Blockchain For a Business will vary based on the requirements, blockchain platforms, technologies, and tools we use. Use nearshore and Offshore Blockchain Development Services to cut short the cost. There are a lot of the best companies in the world and one among them is LN Blockchain Development, the best Blockchain Development Company providing the true and relevant blockchain information about blockchain development costs.