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●    Incredible security and performance
●    Mobile-friendliness
●    Multilingual site
●    Easy Product and Service Management

Technology Stack

●    Drupal 9
●    PHP
●    MariaDB 10
●    Cloudflare
●    AWS 


ACG takes pride in being the largest integrated supplier and service provider to solid dosage manufacturers worldwide. It deals in hard shell capsules, track and trace systems, barrier packaging solutions, and process, packaging, and vision inspection systems. The company can produce 13 billion capsules annually and currently serves across 138 countries. 

LN Webworks revamped its website and turned it into an all-encompassing resource for potential clients. It has dedicated sections for everything from products to the industries served to resources. As the company’s client base is scattered worldwide, we equipped the website with multilingual capabilities. Our proficient website development team modernized all aspects of the site and transformed it into a top-notch product. 

LN Webworks, a rare gem in the world of Drupal talent, transformed our website into a captivating, secure, and fast platform. They not only met but exceeded our expectations, even finishing ahead of schedule. We're incredibly lucky to have found them.

The Challenges The Show Was Struggling With

ACG’s website was facing several issues when they reached out to us. After conducting a thorough evaluation, we realized that the security and performance were in dire need of revamping and the design was so outdated. The site also required upgradation to the latest version of Drupal 9 and many other modifications to deliver peak performance along with a brand new design. Through the following list, we have presented some other challenges the client was battling with. 

●    Salesforce integration with Drupal Webforms
●    Timeline views issue with G-Translate 
●    Cloudflare integration
●    Responsive Issues
●    Not so good user experience

Key Solutions We Implemented To Help ACG Combat The Issues

Once we identified the issues that hindered the website’s top-notch performance, we laid out a detailed plan to address them. With a carefully designed blueprint, we ensured that we aimed directly at our goal and accomplished it without fail. First of all, we decided to switch to the latest version of Drupal 9 on priority. Outdated software versions are always more prone to security breaches and heinous cyber frauds. Once we performed the software update, we started focusing on other facets of the site that were in urgent need of attention like implementing the new design using Utopia framework. We followed the componentized approach for the theming for easy content management and page creation.

We addressed the lack of mobile-friendliness through responsive design and implemented site scan to secure the website against all types of vulnerabilities. As customers possess a short attention span today, we also equipped the site with Drupal modules and features that promote nimble performance. The following list presents the other solutions we implemented to overcome the problems the site was facing:

●    New User Journey creation
●    Improved User Interface creation
●    Drupal 9 for backend
●    Salesforce for form submission
●    Enabled live chat to take customer service to a whole new sphere and help the company earn customer loyalty
●    Executed theme based on Utopia to promote the flawless working of the website in alignment with the needs of the target audience


The Incredible Benefits Our Client Witnessed After Availing Our Services

At LN Webworks, absolute client satisfaction is our primary objective. We leave no stone unturned to ensure that our valuable clients accomplish the desired results. Our entire team basked in inexpressible joy when ACG told us how the revamped website matched their expectations and brought tremendous benefits to them. With immense glee, we have mentioned what our client achieved after availing our services:

●    Flawless and captivating website powered by the latest version of Drupal 9
●    An SEO-friendly website that ranks well on search engines
●    Mobile responsive site that delivers a phenomenal experience to mobile users
●    Real-time multilingual website supported by the paid version of GTranslate that promotes the international expansion of business
●    Form submission managed by Salesforce

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