Automated System to get data from patient and provide needed response
SMS Integration with System
Blood pressure medical device Integration


RESPeRATE is the only FDA-cleared, non-drug medical device clinically proven to lower blood pressure. RESPeRATE’s clinical evidence for lowering blood pressure is ranked #1, after diet and exercise, by the American Heart Association.

At LN Webworks, we created the automated system to take user input and provide the response on behalf of many pre-defined factors.

Users can revert back to system via messages and get the information like BPM.


The Challenges

Report Generation

Generating the report from multiple HTML pages to a PDF was a challenging task here.  We used puppeteer, which is a node Js 

library, that uses chromium to scan a page and convert it into pdf.

Problems with Memory and Timezone:

We faced the memory limit issue in the firebase. As puppeteer is a heavy package and it needs, almost 2 GB of memory. We solved this problem by increasing the memory limit for a particular function.

As firebase uses the GMT time, we need to calculate the time based on the user's local area. So to tackle this, we stored the user's local timezone in the database to calculate the local time

QA Tool

We created a totally custom QA tool for the QA purpose of this whole system. There were many challenges while creating QA Tool. We tried different approaches to make it work and finally we got the solution by used collection. Now with the help of this QA tool, we can easily test the whole week messages in few minutes. It really did help in testing this complex algorithm. 


The Approach

We defined very clear approach for creation of this whole system. We created flowchart on twilio end for all the incoming and outgoing messages.

The user is suppose to get different messages as per the input given by them so we created different schedulers in system.

Some of them are : 

  • BPM Scheduler
  • Therapeutic minutes Scheduler
  • Weekly Lessons Scheduler
  • Weekly Report Scheduler
  • Delivery Scheduler
  • The system send message to user based on the user's preference time. This makes it useful of everyone, as the customer can be from different-2 time zones.


    The Solution

    As their technology partner we

    • Created system for user to choose their time preference to receive the scheduler messages.
    • Created the Giftcard option, like if someone wants to give this extremely useful device to others then the gift receiver will get all the benefits of it.
    • Created custom report page to render all the BMP values and Therapeutic values in the form of charts.
    • Created custom QA Tool to test the full week of work in few mins.


    As their technology partner we helped them: Reduce 30% of their build time by automating the provisioning of infrastructure Reduce latency of messages by 70-80% and improved overall performance Effectively handle multiple scheduler fluctuations Release application features faster, thus keeping up customer expectations and user experience


    Build time


    Reduce latency of messages


    Increase in sales

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