Crypto Payment Gateway With Drupal and Next Js For Multi-Merchant Experience



  • Peernetics


  • Blockchain/crypto


  • Payment Gateway
  • Marketing services
  • Crypto Token
  • Security
  • Customization and flexibility
  • User-friendly experience
  • Online/Offline discount coupons
  • ·Analytics and reporting capabilities

Technology Stack

  • Php
  • NextJs
  • Drupal
  • Nginx
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap


Peernetics exists to enable the mass adoption of cryptocurrency payments. They have a multi-merchant store where vendors can list out their special discounts which users can avail online and offline. The users must be a token holder of Peernetics to avail these discount benefits.

Other then that Peernetics commitment to facilitating the integration of cryptocurrencies into everyday transactions goes beyond mere acceptance. They understand the evolving landscape of digital currencies and strive to stay at the forefront of technological advancements.Peernetics is not just a service provider; they are strategic partner of their clients in navigating the dynamic world of cryptocurrency.

They’re highly skilled at front-end design implementation, optimization, and development. Thanks to LN Webworks to the Crypto Payment Gateway integrated with Drupal, our online transactions have become a breeze! Seamless, secure, and cutting-edge.

The Challenges: Integration of a gateway using Dapps to validate Tokens

The purpose of giving the benefits to Token holders of Peernetics requried a validation check to see if the user actually have that paritcular amount of token in his/her crypto account. So we started with the integration of Dapps like metamask, trustwallet & coin-wallet to verify user account and registration. Smart connect address was required for the validation of tokens which we did successfully.

  • Registration with Dapps
  • Integration with Front End Drupal based website
  • Account token check with Smart contract
  • Ensuring website and user’s data security
  • Compatibility across devices and browsers

Key Solutions We Implemented to Help Peernetics Combat the Issues

We have started with an understanding of the client's expectations with his application. As we need to integrate the crypto wallet to access tokens which they have bought Peernetics. We have worked on Drupal and Next.js for merchant and admin panels.

Vendor Registration : A complete dashboard was created for vendor registration and discount management. It allows the vendors to edit / update coupons with extermelly easy to use UI.

Marketing Services : We also have created the option for vendor to choose the marketing services of Peernetics for better results on their advertisement of coupons / vocuhers.



The Incredible Benefits Our Client Witnessed After Availing Our Services

The application grabs amazing results with the sales of tokens for Peernetics. As people can see the amazing discount coupons on their application which they could grab for free after buying the tokens so it gives a boost in token sales.

For vendors, they got benefit from this new channel to promote their sales and brand presense.

The complete website + application design and devlopment was done by team LN Webworks. It took more than 3 months of time but the results was worth waiting.


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