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Rheumnow is a collection of news, blogs, video resources covering Patient Education, Research Updates and general information related to the Division of Rheumatology. While the Rheumnow.com was busy providing daily updates on the site & subscribers, their website was worlds behind.

It was unresponsive and below par functioning. Rheumnow needed a scalable, enhanced user experience that would look great on any device and be commensurate with their original content.


The Challenges

Rheumnow was looking to achieve the following goals with their project:

  • Increase user engagement, reduce the bounce rate, to get visitors to view more pages per session and increase conversion of users from free to paid levels.
  • The previous version had the complicated process of adding/claiming/editing a profile. We improved the existing process with which the client was happy.
  • The site was facing some performance issues as well, but these were not too significant, so they were not an immediate priority for the client.


The Approach

To offer an efficient solution to the Rheumnow, we assisted them by providing a custom Drupal CMS solution. It a common platform for business owners, doctors etc. By using this solution, the patients can get online knowledge and advice from the therapists through live and recorded sessions.


The Solution

The LN team worked directly with the owner/CEO of Rheumnow.com to revamp the site. They had daily calls to keep the client as well as the team in sync. The team used JIRA as their task management tool. They added all the tasks to JIRA as user stories, covering each task in as much detail as possible.

The team then sliced the stories into different iterations. Tasks for each web page were spread across 2-3 iterations. When assessing any page, the team would first identify which elements needed to be revamped. These elements were then organized by level of priority. The first iteration of each web page included all the elements that were considered highest priority.


An effective, responsive, and flexible Drupal CMS website that increased usability to deliver an overall better customer experience and increased conversions. LN Webworks has delivered a robust structure to serach and sort through a large database without interruptions.


Downloads Increased By :


Registration Increased By :


Reduced Bounce Rate By :

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