Employee Appreciation: Benefits and ways to Show It!

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Do you appreciate your employees for their effort? If not, then you are missing a great advantage. Appreciating your employees means expressing gratitude or celebrating their results and good qualities. It is as simple as saying Thank You when a team member does a good job. But most of us neglect it, underestimating its importance.

Appreciating your employees is a simple activity that can help you build a healthy work culture where employees feel connected to the business. Also, team members are inspired and determined to work harder and help the company to achieve its goals. In addition, expressing gratitude towards employees is an effective way to uplift office morale.

Do all these seem an exaggeration?

Well, numerous researchers show the benefits of gratitude in the workplace.

A study by the American Psychological Association shows that employee well-being and productivity are positively related to the value and appreciation they receive.

Another study found that 68.5% of participants in the survey confessed that they are bothered a little or a lot when they don’t get the expected appreciation.

Now, this doesn’t only apply to employees; bosses also need appreciation. A study from science daily shows that supervisors who get appreciated feel cheerful, optimistic, and energized about their work.

Why You Should Appreciate Your Employees

Unfortunately, many workplaces have toxic management systems, where members fight with each other and rarely think about company success. The simple solution is appreciating and recognizing effort at all levels of the corporate ladder. Here are some benefits of doing the same:

1. Improves Productivity

When employees receive appreciation for their work, they become inspired to perform better and increase their work productivity. Appreciation lets them believe their work is valued and makes them happy and confident in their abilities.

Also, showing gratitude towards employees increase their metabolism, helps them get better sleep and improves their well-being. This way, they work with all their creativity and intelligence, enabling the company to achieve excellent results and grow in the market.

2. Creates a Positive Work Culture

If your company regularly appreciates and recognizes the effort of team members, they feel inspired to work and contribute to the business growth, learn from co-workers, and always put in their best work. At the same time, an appreciated employee is highly likely to appreciate other team members, creating a ripple effect.

This further leads to strong bonds between team members, decreasing inside conflicts. All of these build a positive work culture that increases business productivity and profit.

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3. Increases Loyalty

Gallup found that a business with engaged employees is 17% more productive and earns 21% more profit compared to companies with disengaged employees. Hence employee engagement is essential for the growth of a business.

Appreciation boosts employee engagement. When you praise your employees, they tend to feel connected to the organization. They become more engaged and loyal to the company. This helps businesses increase employee retention and save resources.

How to Appreciate Your Employees

It’s evident now that appreciation in the workplace can be a game-changer for your business. But how should you appreciate your employees? How do you develop a gratitude culture in your company? Are there effective methods to do the same?

Well, yes! Following are some ways to integrate a powerful appreciation culture into your company:

1. Say Thank You

The easiest way to appreciate is to say Thank You. These two words never get old and can make your employees feel valued and respected.

Whenever a member does a good job, build a habit of thanking them. You can also write a thank-you note expressing your genuine appreciation and recognizing their hard work.

2. Acknowledge Efforts

"We are amazed by your performance. Thanks a lot for your hard work."

Imagine how happy a member will be when they hear such acknowledgements. This would make their day, and they would be encouraged to do better. Hence, let them know that they are doing great and the company is satisfied with their work. It’s that simple!

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3. Give Rewards

When a team member has successfully completed a big project meeting the deadline and budget, you can gift them rewards like coffee mugs, books, company shirts, edible arrangements, or simply a handwritten note. Physical rewards drive people to remain loyal and maintain their performance in the future.

Or if you really think that they are doing exceptionally you can reward them with expensive and useful things like a car, iPhone, Apple watch etc.

4. Celebrate Birthdays and Milestones

You can celebrate employee birthdays or other milestones like work anniversaries to make them feel valued. Besides, if a team does a remarkable job or your business launches a new product, you can throw surprise parties by decorating the office with light and having a giant cake. Everyone loves surprise parties.

5. Appreciate Publicly

Appreciating in public is far more powerful than appreciating in private. When a team member has achieved something significant, you can appreciate them at the staff meeting by recognizing their effort and expressing your happiness. You can also upload posts on social media to congratulate deserving employees.

6. Implement a Reward System

This method is followed by companies worldwide. All you have to do is assign specific points for various achievements. Whenever a team completes a task successfully, award them those points.

They would track their points and can redeem them for rewards like holidays, bonuses, or gifts. The system dramatically helps when employees have different preferences for rewards.

Final Words

Now that you know the importance of appreciation in the workplace and how it affects company success, make a plan to build appreciation habits in your company.

A little appreciation goes a long way, so don’t forget to say a sincere Thank You every day. You can implement other methods like public appreciation, giving rewards, celebrating birthdays, throwing surprise parties, etc. And always remember, employee recognition is crucial for your business’s success.

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