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SeCan is the largest supplier of certified seed to Canadian farmers with more than 600 independent seed business members from coast to coast engaged in seed production, processing and marketing. SeCan has more than 375 varieties across the major field crops, including cereals, oilseeds, pulses, special crops, grasses, and legumes.
SeCan felt their website needed to better communicate their mission, their wide range of products, and the impact of their services in Canada. In addition, the old version of CMS made the site difficult to maintain and challenging for adding new content. They partnered with LN Webworks to build a best-in-class application for their customers.


The Challenge

SeCan’s website was complex for both customers and content editors. There was a need for better & user centred design. As most of their customers are old aged farmers with very limited access to new & upgraded systems. Regular update in varieties and maintaining listing of all products with multiple filters was challenging too.

  • Bug fixing for product tags
  • Complex and difficult to navigate
  • Performance issues with their ecommerce component
  • Improve the brand’s visibility 
  • User-friendly designing and navigation
  • Feature-rich visuals and functionalities


The Approach

We applied our user-centric philosophy to SeCan’s reimagined site, creating easy user pathways, while ensuring our design remains functional instead of just looking good.

We started with the user flow diagrams then wire-framing and finally the mockup to put life in the site. For the backend, we suggested using Drupal 8, as it's a content rich site and nothing can beat Drupal here.


The Solution

Secan partnered with Drupal Expert LN Webworks to improve its website. The teams created and developed a Drupal 9 site with a new design system that gives Secan’s content editors greater autonomy to build content efficiently – and stay within the brand guidelines.

To improve the authoring experience for content editors, LN Webworks developed a flexible and dynamic list of Layout Builder components, creating a Drupal 9 site that could support and create department sites faster and more efficiently than ever before.



The new platform provides a much faster way of building new layouts to suit different content. It allows anyone on the Secan Marketing team – even those without design or technical skills – to easily craft complex pages without requiring help from design or development teams.   By integrating a design system with Drupal 9, Secan has consistently produced more engaging content across its web platforms. A unified design system gives Secan a shared library of reusable components and guidelines, allowing its users to build webpages and create content much faster.     The increased efficiency and consistency have helped Secan to be more scalable and digitally sustainable, and new widgets help site visitors browse products confidently and easily.  


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