Top Benefits And Uses of H5P To Enhance The Interactivity And Fun Of e-Learning

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H5P is an abbreviation of HTTP 5 Protocol. It is an open-source content collaboration framework built using JavaScript. With H5P, users can create, share, and reuse interactive content.

Online education is becoming saturated, so people are becoming bored with courses that just provide information. It is important to offer online courses that convey information while making them fun and interactive.

You can open up new possibilities for learners and instructors with interactive content in your E-learning program. By replicating live learning experiences, interactive video reduces scroll fatigue for learners working through courses at their own pace.

Using H5P, you can enhance your online courses with a variety of interactive features. In addition to being a free plugin tool, H5P will work seamlessly with Opigno, a Drupal-based LMS, to enable interactive content for your online courses.

This article will explain to you the benefits of integrating H5P with Opigno to make learning more interactive.

Benefits of H5P

Apart from creating rich interactive content, H5P can enable your Drupal website to import and export H5P files. It is really easy to publish content and applications by uploading H5P files to your Drupal website.

You will be able to create more content of the same type when you upload a new type of H5P file to the editor so that you can create more of the same type. As a result, H5P is a powerful authoring tool.

The following are a few benefits of using H5P in Opigno, a Drupal-based learning management system.


The meaning of this concept is imparting information combined with entertainment. Using H5P with Opigno, you can make your E-learning programs into game mechanisms. You can conduct quizzes, brain games, and many such activities to make learning more fun and the user can retain more information.

Free to use

As H5P is an open-source content collaboration platform, the tool is free to use. You can plug in the H5P tool to the learning management system called Opigno on your Drupal website.

Smartphone compatible

As the majority of users use smartphones to gain more information, the H5P is designed to be mobile-friendly. This means that the website integrated with H5P is more responsive and elegant on your smartphone.

Need not be tech-savvy

A person need not be a tech geek to integrate H5P with your website, the process is simple and anyone can do it with a little guidance.

Fully browser-based

You don’t need any additional software to create and manage H5P content. A browser is sufficient to use the H5P tool.

How to use H5P for learning?

There are many content types that you can implement for your E-learning programs through H5P along with Opigno, a Drupal-based LMS.

How to use H5P for learning

Interactive videos

Using H5P, you can implement interactive elements in your videos. While the video is playing, you can run quizzes, ask questions, share links, etc. with the user.

The interactive videos allow bright students to gain in-depth information about a subject, while dull students can get some information that isn't necessary for bright students. This makes the learning process so much more engaging and fun.

Course presentation

This can be useful when you have to present your ideas using a deck. With the help of H5P, you can use audio, image, video, etc. to communicate your ideas effectively.

Moreover, you can combine all of them into a rich multitude of learning experiences. Conducting quizzes during the presentation also keeps the audience engaged. This way the presentation can be effective, engaging, and fun.

Board games

This game was developed not just to play, but also for learning purposes. This is similar to the typical board game where we have to complete a set of levels to finish the game. Every level has several tasks needed to be completed to win the game.

A video is shown to the user whether he fails or succeeds in the game. To play the board game, you need not download any software, just a web browser is more than enough.

Question set

Students can be evaluated using the question paper. The question setter can create a variety of different quiz types, including multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blanks, drag-and-drop, etc.

Every question will have the option to try again, check their answers, see the solution, and so on. If the question setter wishes to, the answers can be hidden and will be revealed after the results.

Branching scenarios

Using this content type, learners can self-pace and decide when they may proceed to the next lesson or activity. This provides the user with an interactive type. Depending on the student's choice, the next branch in the learning path will be determined.

Graphics with hotspot

The image contains hotspots which when clicked reveal additional information about the graphics or other related things. Hotspots can be a link that takes you to another location to serve a different purpose.


This content type offers the user the ability to click on a button or "+" symbol to access additional information. In the same way, the user can click a button or “-” symbol to close the additional information.


H5P can help you create beautiful and efficient flashcards. Using Flashcards it is possible to learn new key concepts and terminologies. You can even learn a new language by putting the language words on the flashcards and reading out the words. Most people use Flashcards to revise their subjects before the exams.

Final Words

As H5P is used to create interactive content, it is used by more than 17,000 websites to date. Being mobile-friendly and seamless integration with Opigno makes it a wonderful tool for people in the eLearning industry.

People are more interested to learn when there is interaction and fun in the process. Make your eLearning content more engaging and fun by using H5P, and more people will buy your product.

With tons of experience developing Drupal websites and using tools like H5P and Opigno, LN WebWorks can help you leverage the tool along with other website development processes. Contact us to learn more about our services.

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