A Learning Management System or LMS is a concept of eLearning that uses web-based technologies for delivering educational materials, courses, and training programs. LMS helps instructors create and deliver content on a platform that the students can access and learn from. This technology is generally used by businesses, educational institutions, government agencies, etc., for collecting, organizing, sharing knowledge, and training people.

What is Opigno LMS

Several learning management systems on the market facilitate eLearning, but when it comes to a customizable e-Learning platform, nothing can beat Opigno. It is a Drupal-based LMS that helps organizations effectively train and educate employees and members.

This open-source LMS is powered by Drupal, a robust content management system with 124k active contributors and 1.39 million members around the world.

Opigno LMS started its journey of offering a modern learning management system in 2013. Since then, it has succeeded in providing an exceptional learning experience by utilizing the flexibility and scalability of a Drupal CMS.

Today this LMS platform is used by groups and organizations throughout the world, including the government sector, educational institutions, corporate enterprises, and NGOs.

Why Opigno is the Best Drupal based LMS

Opigno LMS is one of the most used Drupal distributions that received the “International Splash Award” in the category of education. Opigno LMS 3.0 provides innovative design, simple ergonomics, more stability, and mobile learning options that enhance the learning experience. Here are some of the best features of Opigno LMS:

1. Customization

The customization feature of a learning management system is essential to ensure it meets your organization’s specific needs. Opigno LMS is a completely customizable platform with various personalizing features and an intelligent dashboard to provide a first-class learning experience.

Authoring tools, multilingual management, blended learning options, and e-commerce features that allow subscription sales are some customizations that make it a one-stop solution for educational training. Drupal’s development flexibility helps Opigno LMS personalize almost everything in a robust way and provides a platform suitable to your organization’s unique structure.

2. Scalability

Since your organization is changing and growing every day, a learning management system must be scalable and expandable. Opigno LMS provides an easy-to-manage system that scales according to your business needs.

The Drupal community continuously puts efforts into updating and solving issues to ensure the platform scales with your company. You can rest assured that Opigno LMS will quickly expand with your organizational needs because it offers the most content rich-experiences and can deal with increased traffic and user volumes.

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3. Authoring Tools

A good learning management system makes creating and uploading educational content simple and effortless. Opigno LMS provides numerous course formats for designing any course material, making presentations easier than ever. It offers interesting authoring tools like graphical learning path manager, guided training creation wizard, PowerPoint import, and other powerful tools that help you create engaging educational courses.

Besides, these tools allow user interaction and make the training programs enhanced and effective. In addition, the adaptive training feature enables delivering content to users according to their previous records and score.

4. Training and Certification Management

With Opigno LMS, you get numerous excellent options for training and certification management. Online training, virtual classroom sessions, instructor-led sessions, sharing documents with users, and exporting and importing features ensure an excellent course management experience.

You can set training prerequisites like a user will get access to training only when they pass an entrance test or finish the previous training. The easy certification management feature automatically generates a PDF certificate when a user completes the training.

5. Security

Your organization may create educational courses having sensitive content. Hence you must ensure that your learning management system provides robust security for protecting the brand value.

Opigno LMS is developed by keeping the highest corporate security standards in mind. With this learning platform with privacy protection, you will get security options like data encryption, 2-factor authentication, and a private file system that will protect sensitive organizational data. Moreover, Drupal is a secure solution whose modules and frameworks are expert-tested.

6. Advanced Tools and Features

Opigno LMS has many advanced tools that make it a must-have e-Learning platform for organizations.

For example, a social wall with like and comment options, an internal messaging tool, live meeting integration, social features that allow users to connect, etc., facilitates collaboration and improved learning experiences.

Flexible role management enables you to easily assign roles like student, teacher, class coach, content manager, administrator, etc. You can set what activities each can do on the platform to organize the training system. In addition, users can attend training from multiple devices like desktops, mobile apps, phone browsers, or tablets.

Final Words

Opigno is an open-source learning management system powered by Drupal, which provides an innovative e-Learning platform for easy content creation, training management, and learning.

Drupal has been revolutionizing the content management system for the last 21 years. It is highly configurable enterprise-class software and can be easily managed to solve complex problems.

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