10 Most popular Test cases for ecommerce website


When we talks about the test cases to test any website number of scenario gets enter in our mind proceed to same check out the given list for some basic and common test scenario for e-commerce websites. 

1. Verify all the specified fields are present on registration page for both buyer and seller.

Make sure you have given all the fields on the registration page for both buyer and seller, because the same data gets travel to your database for further verification of both.

2. Verify that for seller product creation panel is working fine for single and multiple products with all its specifications.

After registering with the site seller always in rush to create his products on site, in that case if you have lacked in making it smooth, it leads to disappointment for users.

3. Verify that user is able to navigate through all the items across different item groups.

From customer point of view, each and every product detailing should be clearly visible and eye catchy, make sure filters and pagination are working fine, user can easily customise the selected product aspect to its size, color and view.

4. Make sure user can smoothly add one or more items in cart without any hurdles.

Now buying items can be done in various ways, customer can choose 5 product from all 5 different categories, can remove and add the same product multiple times, can increase the quantity for the same product, so make sure you have covered all the related cases while testing.

5. Verify that the delivery functionality should not accept the places where shipping is not possible for the selected item.

Try to make your website user friendly as much as you can, if you are not providing shipping for entered place show the message instantly there after entering the place by user, or can provide option to user for checking shipping is available or not via pin code or city.

6. Make sure given pre-paid  payment options and postpaid option are working fine at user end.

One of the most sensitive part where you need to put your testing skills precisely, make sure given options for prepaid methods are working smoothly, no delay and miss behave can be considered in this.

7. Make sure return item functionality is working fine.

Yes if user request a return for any product, respective representative should get notified to pick the same on mentioned date and time by the user and once you get the returned initiate the refund to user asap.

8. Notification to seller and buyer at each step should be proper and on time, failure of poor notification system can shut the performance of website instantly.

Well on any step if you break the communication between buyer and seller, things will change drastically, it will take less time to convert appreciations into complains.

9. Verify that order cancellation functionality is working fine.

If user cancelled the order in between the shipping period, reflections should be accordingly.

10. Do not forget to test the website on load and stress, on ecommerce website mentioned testing is highly indeed.

Do not launch your site without load and stress testing, you should know about the expected crowd on your site and it should get verified before launch so that site hang problem can be overcome.

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