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The concept of a super app is relatively new and has been adopted by many companies in recent years. The first instance of something like this was Tencent, which developed WeChat, which became China’s largest social media app.

WeChat has over 1 billion monthly users and has become a way of life for the Chinese people. It has so many functionalities and features that it has become almost like an entire operating system inside an app.

WeChat went from being just a messaging app to being the largest e-commerce platform in China, where it handles over half of all online transactions made in the country.

However, WeChat is not the only super app; there are others as well. Let’s take a look at what Super App are and how they vary from conventional apps.

What is Super App?

Super app are a relatively new concept in the mobile app marketplace. The term describes a mobile application with one unified platform that brings together several different functions. These apps aren’t about replacing your more traditional apps for things like gaming and social media, but they have certain advantages over the more traditional apps.

Super app can be used for making payments, for example, and for ordering food or rideshare services. They also provide a platform where users can access other applications within the same App. Super-apps offer an alternative to scrolling through multiple individual apps when you want to access various services.

What Differentiates an App From a Super App?

The term “super app” is used to describe an app that has a large user base and a versatile user experience.

In short, super apps are versatile, they’re highly functional, and they have loyal users.

Super apps are different from other apps in that they offer many more features than the average App. The goal of most super apps is to help people do as many tasks as possible without ever having to leave the App.

Today’s super app examples include WeChat, Facebook Messenger, and Kakao Talk.

Most super apps are used for communication purposes. For example, WeChat started as a messaging platform but has since expanded to offer payment services, mobile gaming, and social media features. Super apps often provide features that allow people to do the following:

  • Communicate with friends using text messages or video calls.
  • Make purchases online or in-store (with a virtual credit card).
  • Pay bills with an e-wallet.
  • Book transportation or accommodations.
  • Find dates.
  • Play games with friends.

What Are Some of the Popular Super App in the World Today?

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba’s Alipay Wallet has swept the nation in the last few years and is no doubt one of the most popular super apps. It offers a wide variety of services, including mobile payments, shopping online, booking a taxi, ordering food delivery and movie tickets, buying train tickets, or even paying your utility bills.

In Southeast Asia, Grab—the ride-hailing App that acquired Uber’s regional operations in 2018—is quickly becoming more than just a way to hail a cab. Grab has expanded into providing mobile payments, food delivery, and even hotel bookings.

In India, two popular contenders are competing to become the No. 1 super app: Paytm has been popular for years as a digital wallet with over 300 million registered users; and Reliance Industries’ Jio Platforms (a subsidiary of Reliance Industries), which launched JioMoney earlier this year and has amassed about 331 million users to date.

In Brazil, it’s PagBank—an all-in-one financial service app created by Brazilian fintech unicorn PagSeguro. The App lets users open bank accounts without visiting a branch.

Why Super App Gaining So Much Popularity?

Super-Apps are the next generation of mobile applications that combine various services into one single App, offering users fast, secure, and convenient access to a range of frequently used services on their mobile devices.

Here are the top ways in which Super App can benefit you:

Instant access

You can access all your favourite apps from one single location with an intuitive design and user experience that is seamless and crafted for your convenience. You can enjoy lightning-fast speed without having to download multiple apps or use numerous logins.

More Data Is Being Generated Than Ever Before

The model behind these apps is simple — they facilitate communication among people while also addressing offline needs such as travel and shopping. Due to their size and scope of operations, these apps have tremendous potential to gather data from their users using multiple channels and processes. This data can then be used for microtargeting purposes by advertisers.

Super-Apps Are Becoming Profitable

The first tech super-app, WeChat, was launched in 2011, and it has become so popular in the following years of development that people call it China’s 7th Wonder. Nowadays, its daily active users have surpassed a billion, and the number is still growing.

In recent years, many countries have begun to follow suit. Go-Jek from Indonesia, Grab from Singapore, Line from Japan, and Kakao from Korea are all trying to be tech giants in the future by launching their super-apps.

This business model is no longer just hype, and it has proven itself as a viable model for making money.

All in one place

Super-Apps allows you to connect with all your favourite brands, friends, family, and more from within the same application. With easy access to your banking app for financial transactions, social media for sharing updates and pictures with friends, booking cabs for daily travel or buying plane tickets for vacation trips, streaming music or videos on your favourite platform, or ordering food while watching a movie at home; it has never been easier to do all these things from one location.

Integrate, don’t separate

Super-Apps are a bundle of apps and services in one place. But unlike a traditional app store or collection of apps, they offer a hyper-personalized and seamless experience for users. A Super App is much more than an aggregator of services: it uses data to personalize the user experience and offer exemplary service at the right time. These apps have led to a new level of user engagement, with 300+ active minutes per month per user.

Offer multiple services in one place

At their core, Super-Apps are multi-service platforms that offer convenience and connectivity to users in their day-to-day life. This is done by offering multiple services like ride-hailing, food delivery, ticket booking, hotel reservations, shopping, and more through a single app. This allows users to get everything they need inside one platform instead of switching between multiple apps (or worse—having to download new ones).

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