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A job interview is simply a conversation in which the interviewer and interviewee exchange information to know each other better. The interviewer wants to see the interviewee’s skills, experiences, mindset, and goals, whereas the interviewee wants to know about the company culture, job roles, and responsibilities. This helps them decide whether both parties are suitable for each other to strike a win-win situation.

According to JDP, 93% of candidates feel anxiety during job interviews. This primarily happens because the candidates fear not being able to answer questions, failing to perform their best, and losing the golden opportunity. And most of the time, the interviewers with serious faces and unfriendly tones are responsible for making candidates nervous.

We at LN Webworks have a completely different approach to job interviews.

Our Interview Process

We see the interview as not a serious exam but a cool conversation where both parties get to know each other. And we always encourage candidates to be at ease, answer confidently, and freely ask questions.

If you are from another city, you don’t have to worry about your travel expenses because we will pay for them. And we know it can be challenging for some candidates to find time for the interview, so we are pretty flexible with the interview timings. In addition, there are options for both online and offline interviews to give further flexibility. You can choose whatever suits you the best.

Once you arrive at our office, you can stroll around the workplace until the time for the interview comes. We also offer an office tour so that you get to know and feel the environment where you will be working. This helps you set the right expectations from the company.

You will be offered breakfast, snacks, and juice as sometimes the interview process becomes time-consuming. But we will ensure you don’t have to wait too long because we completely respect the time of everyone.

And as mentioned earlier, we make sure the interview is just a conversation between you and us to know each other better. There will be multiple rounds of interviews, and you have to qualify each to move to the next round. So be prepared for some professional talks and fun chit-chats with our cool interviewers. Truth be told, we love to talk about candidates’ hobbies.

If you are a candidate with less than two years of experience, we will provide on-the-spot feedback without any waiting periods. And we will explain our company policies before your joining to ensure transparency and professionalism.

We check candidates’ skills, experiences, goals, and mindsets to determine whether they will be the right fit for our company. Our aim with the interview is to Hire deserving candidates to build a team of skilled and enthusiastic people who will solve our client’s problems in the best possible way.

Our Ideal Candidate

We at LN Webworks are always looking for intelligent people who are passionate about their work and have a strong learning attitude. As an ideal candidate, you should be skilled and experienced in working with and meeting our client’s versatile demands.

We prefer ambitious and enthusiastic people who believe in creating good relationships and working as a strong team. Excellent communication skills, positive attitude, teamwork, discipline, problem-solving ability, responsibility, etc., are essential qualities we look for in a candidate.

Our Work Culture

We always strive to provide the best environment to our team so that they work and have fun simultaneously. Unlike many companies, we understand the importance of employee freedom. Hence we ensure our team members are free to work as they like and engage in activities of their desire.

Since we want an enjoyable work environment, we encourage members to engage in fun activities, celebrate festivals, play games, etc. Happy faces are one of the company’s biggest goals.

We have some of the brightest and coolest hard-working people who will love to share their experiences and guide you on your way up. You will realize how kind, friendly, and professional team members are who always help and support each other. In addition, you can be sure to face interesting challenges that will push you to extend your boundaries and help you learn and grow.

Final Words

LN Webworks is a leading design and development company that provides high-tech digital solutions for startups and businesses around the world. We invite you to explore your career path at LN Webworks, which will give a significant boost to your career trajectory.

If you are skilled in roles like PHP or Drupal development, UI UX design, SEO executive, HR executive, or sales and marketing, we can provide you with a superb full-time job opportunity. Check our website to know about current openings and apply to be a member of our family.

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