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This blog is specifically for people who wish to understand what Drupal is about, how it is used, its capabilities and where to find the most qualified Drupal experts.

What is Drupal?

Drupal is a CMS which is used to construct websites. In reality, if you've spent any time online you've probably come across hundreds of thousands of websites built with Drupal. On this page, you will find everything you need to know to bring you up to speed on this highly valuable tool.

We'll discuss what Drupal is used for and the benefits of selecting the platform to build your website or web application. We'll also provide you with guidelines and tips on how to identify the ideal Drupal expert. If you're new and unfamiliar with Drupal or thinking of making a career as a Drupal Developer, we've got some useful information for you.

How Does Drupal Work?

In general terms there are two methods to construct a website. One is to construct the site from scratch, which requires you to code each page. Another option is to utilize the content management system also known as a CMS. A CMS is an online platform that can provide the foundation for websites, speeding up the process of development.

CMS help to manage content on websites and create custom functionalities easily. 

Drupal is a CMS and is an application platform for creating websites. It's also an open source CMS. This means it can be used and modified for free. Since it is an open source platform, it's supported by a vast community of users who can improve and update the base software, and enhance it with themes and modules and offer support for users.

What Are Drupal Themes and Modules?

Drupal Themes and Modules

Drupal is a foundational software needed to build a website However, it's built to be improved with the help of users. This means that it provides basic functionality right out of the box. It is possible to, theoretically make a website using just the basic functionality of Drupal however, it's likely to be basic. For websites to look beautiful and include all the functions you require, the themes and modules are essential.

A theme defines the look of your site starting from layout and colors, to the fonts and menu styling. Drupal offers a variety of themes, including basic ones but there's also an extensive collection of themes that are available in the Drupal ecosystem, including premium themes that are priced at a cost to download and free themes. A premium theme comes with an array of options and will be more flexible than a basic or free theme.

Modules are extensions that improve the capabilities on the Drupal website. For instance, you may need to include an online form, map or image slider to your site. Utilizing a module is generally the most convenient way to implement these kinds of features. Like theme templates, there exist premium and free Modules inside the Drupal community, and there are around 49,140 modules at the moment when we are writing this blog :) .

What is Drupal Used For?

Drupal has been in use since 2001. It is well-established and has been through numerous iterations and updates since 2001. It's also widely utilized. Over 1 Million of the websites on the internet utilize Drupal. In terms of what Drupal could be employed for, you can build almost any kind of website using Drupal. It is specially used for Government Agencies, Business websites, Custom Web Applications (SAAS), News & Media Website, Higher ED websites, Non-Profit websites, Healthcare applications, Sports & Entertainment and Content rich websites.

The Drupal community is one of the largest open source communities in the world. We're more than 1,000,000 passionate developers, designers, trainers, strategists, coordinators, editors, and sponsors working together. 

What is the Difference Between Drupal Websites and Other Websites?

Many websites on the web are created by using CMS. As mentioned earlier Drupal is among the most well-known, however other CMS platforms are wordpress, Shopify, Magento and Joomla. Websites that are built on these platforms are limited to themes and add-ons that belong to the particular platform's ecosystem. While many platforms have very vast libraries, such as the ones mentioned above, none is as extensive as Drupal. Additionally, different CMS platforms are owned by commercial companies and therefore are not open source and require you to pay for their services.

One instance is Squarespace. There are a number of advantages of this method, such as the fact that creating the Squarespace website is easier than setting up a website with Drupal Development. However, it's impossible to overlook the versatility that is the Drupal platform as well as the size of the ecosystem. Drupal has great standard features, like easy content authoring, reliable performance, and excellent security. But what sets it apart is its flexibility; modularity is one of its core principles. Its tools help you build the versatile, structured content that dynamic web experiences need.

Is Drupal Good for Beginners?

Definitely it is!

Drupal is Powered by Community so there is Strong community support ensures regular updates and ongoing innovation. A lot to learn for you :)

Drupal is Heavily customizable and API-first with a rich theme ecosystem and integration capacities. So you can play a lot with custom things in Drupal.

For the website owners, There isn't an absolute need to learn the basics of programming, if you just need to manage a Drupal based application.

A knowledgeable Drupal developer is capable of customizing code for Modules to provide a more enjoyable user experience or provide the exact functionality you require. In the end, Drupal is good for beginner users, however, to design an original and fully functional website, more advanced capabilities are required.

Why Use Drupal?

As we've already said, Drupal provides the underlying basis of a website. One reason to choose Drupal is that you don't need to design this structure every time you're planning to make the new site. Instead, you'll get the information you require immediately through the installation of Drupal.

Drupal can also speed the process of creating an entirely new website. it does this for similar reasons i.e. it means that users do not have to build every single thing from scratch. If, for instance, you're planning to add a feature to your website it is not necessary to create your code completely from scratch since there's an application within the Drupal community that you can make use of.

Benefits of Drupal

Benefits of Drupal

Open-source and free- being able to utilize Drupal free of charge is a major benefit especially when compared with many of the major alternatives. Drupal's open-source nature can also make it simpler to modify, meaning you can design the exact configuration you require. You don't get this level of flexibility with most of the alternatives.

Editorial Experience : Drive team success with easy content authoring tools.

Multilingual : Global experiences in any language - with multilingual functionality.

Integrations : Integrate with your choice of third-party tools and services.

SEO-friendly:- Drupal includes SEO-friendly features into its foundation, and there are well-established modules you can utilize to boost the functionality of SEO. 

Security-oriented : Top-notch security thanks to robust architecture and dedicated security team

Fast performant : Advanced caching API enables performant websites and apps

Hire a Drupal Developer

Although you may be able to master Drupal even if you had spent time working on it, the most effective approach in the majority of cases is to engage an expert Drupal developer. The website can be up and running faster when you hire a developer. Your website will be more professional and you'll be able spend your time on more value-added tasks.

Finding the services of a Drupal developer is an easy process and there are many possibilities to select from. There are a variety of options, including the hiring of a company that provides Drupal development services. This method has its advantages as the company would be the good choice for big projects and long term support.

What Does a Drupal Developer Do?

Let's start with the process of creating a simple Drupal based website.

A Drupal developer usually begins by determining what you would like from your new website. This involves determining what the site will look like including its functionality and features you wish to add as well as the intended audience. Support from designer is required in this phase.

Here are some basic step which a Drupal developer need to perform to complete a basic Drupal website.

Review the mockup design & HTML to get brief understanding of the functionlity of website.

Start with Drupal theming using the HTML.

Create Database to store data

Finding the right modules for all of the required functionalities

Creating custom module if required

Integrate any API's is required

After this developers will collaborate with you in the creation of the content. This is the phase of the process you will likely be the most involved in because you will be able to better comprehend the content and images that will perform most effectively on your site.

The last stages of the process include testing the entire website, and connecting the site to other platforms and services. For instance, if your site has an e-commerce feature it will be connected by the developer of the website to an online payment service such as PayPal to allow online payment.

The final step is to start the website. The process typically involves moving the site from the server used for development onto the servers of your hosting service. Your domain's name will be directed to this server , making your website live.

Along with the above drupal website creation, Drupal developer do handle the followings :

  • Drupal Migration
  • Drupal Decoupled
  • Custom Module Creation
  • Third Party Integration like CiviCrm
  • Drupal Based Ecommerce Solutions
  • Drupal Site Audit
  • Drupal Website Maintenance 

Tips for Hiring a Drupal Developer

Begin by defining the website you'd like to build by listing the functions you'd like it to provide. It's useful when making the list to break it into two parts - essentials and nice-to-haves. Check out your competitors' websites as well as other websites within your field. Note your like things and dislike sections.

It is also possible to look at websites in general. The idea is to provide those Drupal developers you talk to an idea of what you would like to accomplish. Find the right sources to find the top Drupal developer. There are many tools that you can employ to accomplish this, however it's hard to get beyond Dedicated Drupal Developer.

At LN Webworks We have an extensive pool of Drupal experts who look after your project. Our expertise in Drupal design, development Migration, Theming, and a variety of other aspects along with UI/UX design makes us a one-stop Drupal website development company. We'll work with you to transform your ideas into engaging digital experiences.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Drupal Developer?

Cost of hiring an Drupal developer will be based on the nature of the project as well as the level of experience of the developer. If you're concerned about cost, a great option is to choose an experienced Web Development Company who has received positive reviews because they are more likely to have a proven track experience of producing a profit on their investment to their customers.

At LN Webworks, we strive to deliver efficacious, effective, and knitter-fit answers to meet your business requirements. Our expertise has enabled us to become a preferred Drupal Development Partner for businesses around the world.

Since 2003, We have been delivering top- notch Drupal development services, and LN has helped enterprises increase their gain, enhance their engagement, and optimize their business processes.

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