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Laravel is a web application framework with expressive, elegant syntax. The foundation is already there so you don't have to sweat for small things.

It comes with vast library of meticulously maintained packages means you're ready for anything.



Introduction. Getting started



  1. Structure of a C Program / Printf / Operators
  2. Basic Assignment on Printf and Operators
  3. Conditional Statements - If / Else / Nested If Ladder / Switch
  4. Looping - While / Do-while / For 
  5. Arrays
  6. Figure, Img src , Figure caption
  7. Audio, Video Tags
  8. Youtube Iframe Video
  9. Forms - color, date, time, month, range, readonly, disabled, email, url, datalist, autofocus, required, placeholder, multiple, number(min/max), Radio Button , Checkbox Checked, Number Input validator
  10. Difference Internal/External/Inline Stylesheet
  11. Divisions Tags in Detail
  12. Animation Types/Keframes
  13. Backgrounds
  14. Border-Radius
  15. Gradients
  16. Shadow-Effects
  17. Text-Effects
  18. Border-Image
  19. Positions - Absolute, Relative, Fixed, Static
  20. Menus - Horizontal Menus, Vertical Menus, Sucker Fish Menus
  21. Google Fonts/Font Awesome
  22. Jquery Setup and Basic Programs
  23. Displaying Alert 
  24. Variable Declaration + Arithmetic Operations
  25. Click Events + Assignments
  26. Jquery Effects + Assignments
  27. Jquery Html + Assignments
  28. Jquery Traversing + Assignments



  1. Php Introduction
  2. Php Environment Setup
  3. Php Variable Types, Constants, Operators, Decision Making, Loops
  4. Php - Get/post
  5. Php - Crud Operation (create, Read, Update, Delete, Search)
  6. Php - Functions
  7. Php - Arrays
  8. Php - Strings
  9. Php - Session
  10. Php - Cookies
  11. Php - Fileuploading
  12. Php - Form Validations
  13. Php - Pagination
  14. Shopping Cart Website - Admin Panel(back End) & Front End of the Project
  15. Classes & Objects
  16. Php - Crud Operation (create, Read, Update, Delete, Search)
  17. Blog Website Project - Admin Panel(back End) & Front End of the Project
  18. Laravel Setup + Hello World
  19. Understanding Structure + Hello World
  20. Understanding & Creating Models, View, Controllers
  21. Crud Operation - Create, Read, Update, Delete
  22. Validations in Laravel + Assignment
  23. Cookies in Laravel + Assignment
  24. Sessions in Laravel + Assignment
  25. Search in Laravel
  26. Joins in Laravel
  27. Implementing Middleware in Laravel
  28. Authentication
  29. Postman Laravel
  30. Pagination + Project

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Fannie Summers
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Exactly information is available for free on internet but you need guidance to grab that in right way. A teacher (In our case developer) is the only person who can explain you the technicality of programming. Every new comer required a lot of practice & guidance to learn the basics. And you teacher will provide you the same. In the first 6 months once your base will get settled then you can learn anything online.

See if you are a person with good understanding and a bit of logical mind then you can be a programmer. You may take more time as compare to other students from IT background but it is still doable.

There are many institutes in market teaching programming for cheap packages but you won't be getting the real knowledge from there. Because they are not the IT companies. With LN Webworks you get to learn from developer who are actually working on live projects with fortune 500 level clients.

The practice which you will be doing is for yourself. The more you practice the more you learn and understand the logical things.

Obviously! You will get a Certificate from company with your grades mentioned on it. And it will help you with getting your dream job.

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