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Technology Stack

  • Php
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This Popular American TV Show  game show was started in late 1975. Due to NDA agreement, we won't be sharing the name but if you are an American then you know what we are talking about.

LN Webworks has revamped its website and turned it into an incredible resource for aspiring contestants, shoppers, and gamers. 

The site boasts sections for booking tickets, joining this American game show live tour, applying as a contestant, watching famous videos from the show, and playing games such as Wheel Bingo. Visitors can also buy their favorite game accessories and other stuff from the online store available on the site. All in all, LN Webworks has developed a multi-purpose site for this popular show.

The Challenges the Show Was Struggling With

They were struggling with outdated security features that required immediate attention and revamping. As its true for every site upgradation endeavor, we had to thoroughly understand their core requirements, target audience needs, and expectations before we could proceed with the website revamping process. Additionally, they also struggled with outdated site performance which was far from being in alignment with the audience’s current requirements. Besides, the following are some other challenges they were struggling with:

  • Handling high-traffic pages
  • Integration with AWS Lambda function 
  • Integration of react pages
  • Incorporation of reporting pages
  • A new theme for site as per the overall branding of show

Key Solutions We Executed to Overcome The Challenges

We took some time to analyze the current website and the requirements of new changes as their target audience is huge. After achieving a thorough understanding of these aspects, we decided to make the site switch to Drupal which is a world-renowned platform for building content rich websites with cutting-edge security features. 

We have used componentization approach to make the backend so friendly that their content editors were filled with joy like they got the super power to manage literally anything by their own. We also kept them in the loop throughout the process and ensured that every action we took was in alignment with their expectations. Further, the following list reveals the solutions we provided for each of the challenges they were struggling with.

  • Switched to Drupal and empowered the website with top-notch security features and agility 
  • Custom modules were created as per Drupal standards
  • Implemented a proper caching system and optimized the code to give a further boost to website performance
  • Executed AWS Lambda function integration with AWS libraries
  • Developed the required react pages and integrated them with Drupal 
  • Implemented the brand new UI that reflect the identity of this decade old TV show.
  • Implemented the componentization approach with paragraphs.

The enormous benefits client reaped after website revamping

Nothing makes us more joyful than our clients reaping enormous benefits after availing of our services. With immense glee, we have mentioned below what has been achieved after website revamping. 

  • Secure and optimized website with incredible performance even during peak load hours of gaming
  • Seamless handling of large volumes of data on AWS external database 
  • Availability of easily downloadable reports that add to the charm of the website
  • The ability to move components anywhere on a page by just dragging and dropping.

Words fail to express our gratitude toward LN Webworks, our Drupal web development partner. The patience with which they dived into our requirements and revamped our website into a tailor-made solution is commendable. The eye-catching layout and design align perfectly with the nature of our website. We heard that their immense professionalism and technical know-how sets them apart from the crowd and now, we have seen it ourselves. It is with their diligent and meticulous approach toward website design that we have released our incredible site with top-notch security features and an easily-navigable user interface. 

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