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Ludhiana, Punjab

What Our Team Says

Many organizations talk a lot about user friendly, effective principles, but they don't live by them. LN Webworks has remained faithful to a simple as well as inclusive approach despite huge growth and the addition of new staff and structures. I am proud of having spent more time at LN Webworks Pvt. Ltd than any other company in my professional career.

I love to work at this organization because of its core values, which are displayed every day by the people who works here. I am particularly fond of the grown-up culture that is built on respect and trust that is shown towards your experience. Additionally, the ongoing social and regional activities are great for making sure we all keep 'in-touch' with everyone due to the nature of the remote assignments.

When I first joined LN Webworks, I didn't quite believe that the people in the organization collaborate and work as colleagues, with no reference to position or rank. But, after being in the organization for a while now I am amazed by the professionalism and kindness that people show every day to help fellow employees.

Five years have already passed since I joined LN Webworks. Five amazing years — full of self-development opportunities, team growth, knowledge sharing, new acquaintances, struggles, and occasional tears.

I have found great mentors and coaches at LN Webworks, who have helped me learn and grow. My team helps me every day to become a better professional. LN stands by its people and I will be taking this culture with me throughout my career.

Freedom is an essential part of working at LN Webworks. It doesn’t matter in which department you work, you are always free to engage in other, sometimes “extracurricular,” activities. Your ideas are precious, and there’s always someone to promote them. And there’s a bonus — a lot of cool branded gifts and tasty healthy snacks on special occasions.

I love the work I do and the great people get to partner with! My mentors are always there to support me with my work. LN Webworks culture is very inclusive and focuses on the overall development of its employees. Every day is a new challenge which gives me the opportunity to learn and grow.

I enjoy and look forward to showing up for work every day because of my amazing work environment! I work with some of the brightest, friendliest, and most hard working people that push the needle even further for our company.

From the induction to the work setup my LN Webworks journey has been seamless due the support of everyone in the company. My team always ensures that I am involved and aware of everything that is happening around me. They encourage me to be fearless in voicing my opinions and give me ample learning opportunities to grow.

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