5 Ways to improve your Drupal Website Performance


Drupal, the open-source its software is written in the PHP script code and is often created for the CMS or Content Management System framework. Some of the most popular websites including those of the New York Government, Mint, and The Economist are based on Drupal. The 2,000 themes and 29,000 different modules of Drupal are used for creating websites by millions of developers across the globe. Like any other subject, module, and CMS, Drupal website also has room for improvement, including improvement in performance.

A fast loading Drupal 8 website can increase Google rankings and provide for fast achievement of marketing and sales goals. A good performing website will help you get more leads, a number of website visitors and eventually greater revenue. User satisfaction increases with improvement in performance. Here are 5 tips that will help you improve the performance of your Drupal website.

Cache the web pages

The default cache is enabled in Drupal 8. The age of cache may be deduced on the basis of the frequency of changes in content.

The websites that change their contents or update it during each day can set the frequency of cache collection for one hour. The other websites where the content is updated once or twice a week can set the frequency for one day. Websites including news websites can set the frequency for 15 minutes as well. This will help you reach out to the anonymous visitors easily.

Use of simple website design

A clean and simple website design can provide for fast uploading of pages and improve Drupal website performance. The lesser the number of components on the page, the easier it will get loaded. You need to keep the embedded media, widgets and other large size content to a minimum. Focus towards delivering precise, updated and concise content only.


Third party gizmos and tools

A third party gizmo or tool can also be used on the Drupal 8 website and help towards increasing its performance and speed. You can avail the services of the CDN companies that possess data centers and servers in every continent and different regions of the globe. As the website content is located quite close to the user or web server, the loading speed of the website increases. If Drupal is not recreating the HTML, the load times decrease further.

Mobile responsiveness

With more than 60% of website visitors coming from mobile devices (including Smartphones and Tablets) the mobile responsiveness or mobile page optimization of your business website cannot be overlooked. You need to implement the Google AMP software and module and should ensure that the Drupal website performance is good all kinds of popular mobile browsers as well.

Choosing the right web host

If you are not satisfied with your current host, you can always switch over. While affordability may be desired, you may like to have a more prominent space and popularity on the internet. Choosing the best host will make your online business sustainable and there are always greater returns on investment involved.

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