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Serving as a virtual extension of its campus, the Prescott College website provides a variety of information and services for the students. From accessing the academic courses to connecting with the admission counselors, users count on the website to get information.

But the University’s previous drupal version was not upto the mark and LN Webworks’s approach to update to Drupal 8 has made a significant change. Moving their Drupal 7 site to Drupal 8 brought numerous benefits.


The Challenges

Prescott University faced several difficulties. For starters, its website content was not fully accessible, leading to a greater risk of dissatisfied students that could jeopardize the university’s reputation.

Audiences like prospective students had trouble finding the information they sought such as Study program options and a clear understanding of content hierarchies as changes over time made the site experience less intuitive.

For content editors, the site lacked flexible tools to create new pages or structure to support content goals such as improving student engagement with the content and updating meta tags to optimize for SEO. The mobile experience was less than optimal and created opportunities for navigation that could better cater to the experience on a variety of devices.


The Approach

To offer an efficient solution to the Prescott, we assisted them by providing a custom Drupal CMS solution. It a common platform for business owners, universities etc. By using this solution, the Students can get online knowledge and advice from the Counsellors through live and recorded sessions.


The Solution

Drupal has become the common standard at Prescott in a very organic way. It is one of the few unified solutions the University employs. The web team sees more schools and units choosing Drupal largely based on the success of early adopters.

With a focus on results and a strong partnership, Prescott College and LN Webworks intend to continue engaging with each other through support services focused on an iterative approach to the continued success of the Drupal 8 site.


An effective, responsive, and flexible Drupal CMS website that increased usability to deliver an overall better customer experience and increased conversions. LN Webworks has delivered a robust structure to serach and sort through a large database without interruptions.


Increased Retention:


Registration Increased:


Student Survey Score Results Up By :

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