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Northern Vermont University is a two-campus institution of higher education that combines the best of our campuses’ nationally recognized liberal arts and professional programs.

At Northern Vermont University, our goal is to guide curious, motivated, and engaged students on their paths to success and their places in the world. It is a preferred choice for students who seek transformative professional and liberal arts education.


The Challenges

When NVU came to us, they knew using the existing menu system caused visitors difficulties. Even more frustrating were sporadic issues with menu depth once a user was within a section. In some cases, the sub links didn't appear in the menu at all. Our initial project was to retool the site navigation, including a deep dive into overall site architecture with an emphasis on improving the UX design. At the same time, we refreshed the home page to support the college's brand redesign.

  • Appealing user interface with decent colors
  • Flawless smooth navigation within the application
  • A scalable application allows immense users
  • User-friendly designing and navigation
  • Feature-rich visuals and functionalities.


The Approach

Beyond visual appeal, LN Webworks’s design team provides prospective learners with an intuitive way to explore a wide range of program offerings and initiatives. Animated components create focal points on data to establish authority and social proof.


The Solution

The LN Webworks has created an optimized user flow and design for the NVU to implement user experience best practices. We have redesigned NVU website to be better organized and display content to match best practices, fully responsive and functional on any device, giving each and every visitor a great user experience.

One of the biggest issues we addressed with the updated and responsive design was the high volume of traffic from Northern Vermont University users. Users found the new responsive design much more intuitive and easier to navigate to achieve their desired outcomes, which allowed NVU to focus their energies on other areas of their business.


NVU is incredibly user friendly which definitely reforms the University website. Implementing advanced drupal CMS technology has helped NVU to save time on administrative tasks and enables the website to be environmentally sustainable by saving on printing and paper wastage. This is surely the next big thing and also the ultimate solution for the education industry!


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