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The objective was to overhaul its website for better UX and to engage the global clientele. This site was different from the usual website in that it was designed to be modular.

In order to accomplish this, we had to approach the site build from a different perspective than we normally would. The Paragraphs module was chosen to allow us to create different sets of fields that could be attached to content types in any order, and easily rearranged.

The module also allowed us to leverage Drupal 8’s great inline editing experience and extend it to complex page templates and content display. Our purpose is achieved through an experienced labor group and an organization concerned about its clients, consumers, suppliers and collaborators.


The Challenges

As one of the largest infrastructure builders and construction materials producers in the nation with a nearly 56-year history, Dabed MTS wanted a site that’s modern, easy to configure, and focuses on the strength of its partnerships and the power of building better together with clients, employees, and partners.

Since their products are so unique, ferreteriadabed.cl needed a custom solution. The Drupal CMS was selected for the content and brand story, and an open commerce platform paired up for its flexibility to handle purchase flows and product variations and minute details needed for each product to be perfectly unique.


The Approach

We created a site using modules that could be configured in multiple ways so that even if Dabed MTS’s content doesn’t change, they can change the look of the site at any time.

Just by putting modules together or switching them around, the new site is easy to change and manage while maintaining its slick design. Drupal 8 Drupal was chosen for its powerful, flexible CMS and complex data architecture. Its enhanced editor experience and theme/caching layers were perfect for the content-heavy site.

Modular Approach

The site was designed to be modular in nature, so that pages could be built from a predefined set of UI components, configurable in any order. The Paragraphs module was chosen to allow us to create different sets of fields that could be attached to content types in any order, and easily rearranged.


The Solution

LN Webworks designed and developed a new, innovative, and scalable website on Drupal as per client requirements. The team developed strategies that boost the website’s performance and overall navigation. The CMS based appointment booking tool uses the Laravel web framework.

It was integrated into Dabed's eCommerce website booking capabilities for three different service categories. Besides, it creates a comprehensive connectivity framework with Dabed’s customer support team and stores customers’ data. The appointment booking tool automatically notifies the customer as soon as they book any service.

  • Centralized and enhanced order
  • management system
  • Reduced expenses and better customer services
  • Managed all orders efficiently before delivery
  • Effective order fulfillment at multiple locations and events
  • Simplified process of placing an order for a specific event


An effective, responsive, and flexible Drupal CMS website that increased usability to deliver an overall better customer experience and increased conversions. LN Webworks has delivered a robust structure to serach and sort through a large database without interruptions.


Sales Increased By :


Increased Retention:


Overall Traffic Increased By :

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